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Rejuv Face Serum

Rejuv Face Serum

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This fountain of youth serum has done wonders for many customers who are looking to have a fresh look and plump skin.This Serum is for anyone who is looking to stop signs of aging on their face, have a rejuvenated looking skin, hydrated, plumped skin.

This Serum is formulated and dedicated to my good friend.this serum was created to improve your fade away fine lines and improve skin’s elasticity.

This Rejuvenating Fountain of youth serum is carefully  handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients. With the use of high tech advanced liposomes like apple stem cell technology, and vine, this serum will ensure the longevity of your skin cells. This serum aids in improving collagen production and lifting, plumping your skin leaving it firm with a luminous glow.  For those who desire a rejuvenated skin on their face and neck, please add this anti-aging serum into your routine! 

The Benefits:

      • Promoting hydration.
      • Boosting collagen production.
      • Reduces the appearance of fine lines 
  • How to use: Apply a pea  sized amounts on your face and neck right after cleansing. Follow up with our Glow Face Oil, or your choice moisturizer 

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