Afro Hair Wash Routine & Tips

Afro Hair Wash Routine & Tips

Below you will find natural hair growth tips for your wash day routine. If you are interested in learning more about your hair, why it behaves the way it is and how to grow healthier and longer hair please check out our Hair-Care Guide Ebook listed on our website under Hair-Care Collection

Wash Day Routine & Tips

  1. Pre-pooing:  this step is an important step to growing healthy hair. To prevent hygral fatigue, an instance where our hair strands saturate over & over with water. This process can cause damages to the cuticles and follicles by Repeated swelling and unswelling of the hair follicles from excessive moisture. Apply a pre-wash oil to hair if shampooing too often to avoid hygral fatigue specially if you have high porosity hair.  The pre-poo whether oil or conditioner forms a layer around the hair cuticles which protects it from damage caused by rigorous shampooing which can leave your hair feeling dry and lead to breakage.
  2. Combing Your Hair : Always finger Detangle hair first to reduce your use of comb on your hair. If combing is necessary, always comb from roots to ends to avoid breakage. Never comb dry hair always take your time & add a conditioner while combing
  3. Keeping Scalp Clean: Shampooing is very important for healthy hair, but find the frequency and balance that works for your hair. Buildup blocks nourishing blood flow and impedes new hair growth.Always focus on the scalp when shampooing. A beautiful healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp: However for Afro textured  hair, washing your natural hair too much could cause some damage to your hair like very dry hair that is unmanageable and breaks easily. Afro hair texture to begin with, lacks of sebum a natural oil that the skin and scalp produce unlike the other hair types. Shampoo was formulated with detergent ingredients that are specially aggressive to grease and oils for the hair types like European and Asian hair that create lots of sebum and gets sticky easily if not washed often. So using shampoo a lot less is preferable to avoid ripping the hair’s natural oil. Believe it or not co-washing( once a month) between shampooing days and hot oil treatments are more beneficial for Afro hair than shampooing every so often. A good balance will be shampooing every other week for Afro hair, so not to strip the hair strands often of its natural oil but also keep a clean scalp. 
  4. Use The Right Products : Using clean natural products that nourish and protect your hair& scalp without causing build ups is essential for healthy hair and length retention
  5. Conditioning Your Hair: Always take your time. Use a leave in conditioner that adds extra slip to the hair strands. Can also Hydrate with hair spray & lock in the moisture with a hair butter, balm or oil
  6. Protect Your Hair: This step is very important  To have an extra boost of hair growth and length retention, keeping your hair in protective style is ideal. Let your hair rest for 3-4 weeks max 6 weeks in twists, african threads , cornrows, quick weaves….etc……..Low manipulation is key 🔑 to length retention. Avoid wearing wigs all the time and when you do, make sure it doesn’t sit on your hairline. This is not mandatory for everyone, but if you have Afro hair and have trouble retaining length then please try this method. Cover your hair when going to bed preferably with a silk bonnet and use a silk pillow case if possible. The silk reduces friction and less tangled on your hair while you sleep.
  7. Be Patient: Patience is key as the average person grows 1/2 inch of hair per month. Be kind and patient to your crown and trust in the process.☘️☘️☘️☘️❤️
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