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African Rubber Thread For Hair

African Rubber Thread For Hair

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The African Rubber Thread  is ideal  for threading and stretching hair. If you want your hair  stretched the next morning simply thread your hair overnight and undo your braids the next day.
 Get 3 bundles like the one shown on the picture for 13.5$.


  • Great for stretching hair 
  • Great for keeping hair from tangling when used to make a protective style
  • Unlike elastic band this smooth rubber thread will not cause further tangling when used to hold hair in sections 
  • Improves hair retention 
  • Can be reused multiple times before discarding 



  • work in sections. Take a section of hair 
  • Make sure to hydrate hair with spray/water 
  • Apply conditioner, sealing oil and butter
  • Proceed to thread hair  
  • Tight up the end with two knots 


Does not need put rubber in extremely hot water.


100% Rubber 

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