Wash Day Routine

A Step-By-Step Guide TO GROWTH LONGER HEALTHIER HAIR FOR curly or textUred Hair from 3LAKES BOTANICA

    1. Finger Detangle Hair : Gently undo hair and Detangle with fingers before combing. Finger detangle as much as possible removing tangles before using comb.Always use a wide tooth comb from roots to ends to avoid breakage.Never comb dry hair always take your time & add a conditioner while combing
    2. Shampooing for curly or Afro texture hair: Apply a pre-wash oil to hair if shampooing too often to avoid hygral fatigue specially if you have high porosity hair. When our hair strands saturate over & over with water, it can cause damages to the cuticles and follicles by Repeated swelling and unswelling of the hair follicles from excessive moisture.Always focus on massaging the scalp when shampooing.

    3. Conditioning Hair: After shampooing apply a deep conditioner leave for 5-10 min then rinse off. Gently dry hair
    4. Hydrate and nourish hair before styling: Always take your time. Use a leave in conditioner that adds extra slip to the hair strands while combing.Can also Hydrate with hair spray & lock in the moisture with a hair butter, balm or oil before styling
    5. Protect your hair: To have an extra boost of hair growth and length retention keeping your hair in protective styles is ideal. Let your hair rest for 3-4 weeks between style *This is not mandatory