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As a small business that is building itself up from the ground up  and is confident in our venture we need people that fiercely believe in us on our side.

We have come up with a simplified and easy solution that can mutually benefit  us and our future ambassadors.

We have a big following so our ambassadors might also benefit from us posting them as well

To qualify as an ambassador:
Apply to  become an Ambassador

Purchase the product that you like to champion for us. We say that because you have to be invested in the product to show passion and excitement

Have 2000 at least followers


Makes 3 posts:

One post about you experience from buying the product to receiving it and tag us

Another post of you using the products and tag us
We will send you a refund plus a 20% discount on your next order

Make a before and after pictures tag us and receive a 30% discount for your next order.

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