Acne Free routine and tips

Tips For a Glowing Face

  1. Wash Face at least 2x a day. Never go to bed with make-up on specially if you have acne prone skin. The reason we want to do that is, we want our skin to be able to rest, breath, absorb the nutrients from our nighttime routine regimen, but most importantly we want to avoid clogging our pores . At night our skin is able to do just that when we are sleeping 
  2. When washing face, apply soap and massage on face for at least 90 seconds then rinse out. 
  3. Follow up with a moisturizer like Glow Face Serum during the day
  4. Use a different towel for your face or a paper towel
  5. Use a Silk Pillow case preferably and replace it at least once a week
  6. Avoid scrubbing face when active breakouts are present and picking on pimples. Let them dry out and heal properly to avoid creating more dark spots
  7. Use the right products for your skin type and as directed
  8. Use Sunscreen during the day if you are going to be outside 


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