Soothing & Brightening Gel


With key Ingredients like Aloe Vera, this gel soothes any type of skin.  It gently helps clear dark spots, soothes the skin and brightens it.

Dark spots are a reminder of the battle we won against our skin breakouts. It can sometimes seem hopeless  as if we haven’t won the battle because we still have to use tons of make up to cover those dark spots and continue clogging our pores thus more breakouts! A CONTINUAL BATTLE I KNOW WELL !!!! 

This gel will gently and effectively help fade your dark spot over time for an even tone face. It will also sooth and smooth your skin.

Key ingredients :

Aloe Vera: it is known to help prevent acne and increase the production of collagen to promote a younger looking skin.

Turmeric, Rosehip and lemon essential oil

How To Use:

  • Apply just a tiny amount (pea size ) of gel on clean skin or after serum and toner if using those . Let it dry before continuing to the next step. 
  • If using as a mask apply on clean face wait 15-20 mins then rinse off

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