Activated Charcoal Cleanser Soap

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Our Activated Charcoal Cleanser is formulated with moisturizing ingredients and actives for sensitive and acne prone skins specially but it’s suitable for all skin types. It contains Ingredients that could help fight and  prevent breakouts by deep cleansing your pores. 

Our cleanser is so gentle that it won’t strip the skin’s outer layer of natural oils or it’s beneficial microbiome.


Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is a fine black powder made from bone char, coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits or sawdust.

Activated charcoal can help draw microparticles, such as dirt, dust, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, to the surface of the skin, which makes removing them easier.

Black Soap Benefits

African black soap is originally an all-natural soap produced in different countries in West Africa. It can benefit your skin in many different ways.

Because black soap doesn’t use lye it has more moisturizing properties especially when combined with other moisturizing ingredients. Our cleanser has been formulated just for that reason.

Black soap has antibacterial properties. Studies show this natural cleanser works better than medicated soaps when removing some bacterias.

African black soap can also be used as shampoo. Because it’s antifungal, it can help promote a dandruff free scalp. Just lather it onto your wet hair and wash it off as usual.

How to use: 

  • Wet your face, then grab the soap and work it into a lather in your hands or sponge
  • Massage the soap into your skin in circular motions for 90 seconds.
  • For extra exfoliation, use a washcloth or other exfoliating tool before rinsing (optional).
  • Rinse with cool water.
  • Apply moisturizer.

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